Sunday, November 27, 2005

Anti-Nuke Organizations to Get Steamrolled

Tony Blair has signaled he is moving in the same direction.

"Blair seems to have fallen for the nuclear industry's propaganda campaign," Friends of the Earth director Tony Juniper told Reuters. "But it is the wrong decision. Nuclear is unsafe, the technology untested and in any case far too expensive."

The shift took the green lobby by surprise after it believed it had won the argument against nuclear power years ago.

It's strange to see the consternation of the anti-nuclear people. How naive can they be? As soon as Blair and the others in the UK government really started to believe in global warming, and considered the potential disasterous effect on Britain, then at that point they are more or less guaranteed to start building nuclear power plants in a frenzy. It's a predictable response.

That's the inevitable outcome of the Kyoto accord: more nuclear power plants. Any environmentalists who don't understand why it's the inevitable outcome should whip out their calculators and do some political math.


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