Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Articles on Nuclear Power in California

We’re still focused on the question of nuclear power in California. Here are some recent articles, offshoots of last week’s conference in San Francisco. They don’t seem biased either pro or con, but notice that they still stress the issue of nuclear waste disposal, a bit of a red herring.

SF Chronicle

Nuclear backers' energy surges They say alternative would ease concern over global warming

David R. Baker, Chronicle Staff Writer

Friday, May 19, 2006

The nuclear power industry, benefiting from fears of global warming, now faces its best chance in years to overcome skeptics and build plants, proponents said Thursday at a San Francisco convention. Nuclear power's ability to create large amounts of energy without spewing greenhouse gases has caused a once-hostile public to reconsider...

ABC News
Change In Attitude About Nuclear Power

By David Louie
May 18 - KGO -

Is the time right to talk about building new nuclear power plants in the U.S.? Engineers and utility executives at a conference on San Francisco's Nob Hill say it is. With demand for electricity expected to grow 40-percent in the next 25 years, the cost of generating power is escalating due to natural gas prices. That has these engineers and utility executives suggesting now is the time to start talking about expanding nuclear power production.

Contra Costa Times
Nuclear energy officials see hope for industry

Bush says he aims for new facilities to be built by the end of the decade; but radioactive waste disposal remains a problem

By Rick Jurgens

About 400 nuclear energy executives gathered on Nob Hill on Thursday to talk shop and revel in the revival of their long-dormant industry. "Nuclear power is a key part of a clean, secure energy future," President George Bush said in a videotaped message to the conferees, who operate, build and sell fuel or equipment to nuclear power plants. Some even dared to say what only recently seemed unthinkable: Maybe someday new nuclear power plants might be built in California.


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