Sunday, June 11, 2006

Russian, China, Britain Confirm Nuclear Renaissance

In the past week, national leaders have been falling all over themselves to renew their commitment to nuclear power...


"MOSCOW REGION, June 9 (RIA Novosti) - Russia will start constructing two nuclear power units a year inside the country beginning in 2007 to make the country competitive on the world markets, Russia's top nuclear official said Friday. "


"ONE of China's top planners has pledged Beijing's commitment to a massive expansion of the country's nuclear generation capacity over the next 15 years."


"Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown endorsed nuclear power in an article in the Times this weekend, making it more likely that the Government will commission new plants."


Just kidding! France has more power than they can use. They switched their electrical grid to nuclear power years ago. So now they are planning to sell to the Brits.


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