Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Go to this Site and Send a Letter...

I just ran into a site called "Kick the Oil Habit". They have a cool little form where you can send a letter to the fossil fuel industry. I suspect they want us to send a letter berating the fossil fuel industry for it's sins. Instead, I sent them a letter inviting them to INVEST IN NUCLEAR POWER.

Dear Energy Company Executives:

By far the fastest, easiest, and most proven solution to carbon dioxide reduction is to BUILD MORE NUCLEAR REACTORS!

Unlike wind, solar, and biofuels, all of which have had a difficult time delivering on the promises made by their advocates, nuclear power has a solid record of success.

For example, France converted 75% of their electrical grid to nuclear power, thus making their electicity completely carbon-free, in only 25 years. If the US, Canada, and the UK did the same (and if the French could do it, why couldn't we?) then that would cut worldwide carbon emissions by almost 30%. It's an awesome, but achievable, goal.

Nuclear reactors are also well-designed for producing vast amounts of hydrogen to power vehicles as well. Yes, nuclear waste is a mess to deal with, but it's a million times less trouble than the carbon dioxide waste that we are currently pumping into the air. Sequestering a few barrels of nuclear waste is much easier than sequestering mile-high clouds of carbon dioxide.

I urge your firm to begin investing in developing the nuclear industry. It's still early in the "nuclear renasissance" and a great time to make good returns for your investors, and position your firm to be part of the great energy shift of the next century.
Or better yet, be like General Electric and invest in BOTH nuclear power AND in wind energy. That's the kind of vigorous effort that will save the world from Global Warming.

Thank you.

Then I sent this letter to my friends:

We need to get the message out. It's time for us to start investing more agressively in nuclear power. Solar, wind, and biofuels are a nice dream, but have been painfully slow to grow. Nuclear power, on the other hand, has proven its ability to deliver enormous amounts of carbon-dioxide free electricity.

For example, France converted 75% of their electrical grid to nuclear power in only 25 years. If the entire world did the same, we would solve the Global Warming problem immediately.

We need to spread the word. Nuclear power is our best shot of handling global warming. Let's work on it!

Step 1 is to get the Environmental Movement to drop their wrongheaded objections to nuclear power. They just "don't get it" and the earth is suffering as a result.

Please go to and ask them to prove they are serious about Global supporting nuclear power as one good part of the solution.

Watch the video. Learn more. Take action. Join the campaign. If we work together, we can have a better energy future.



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