Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Within 2 Generations, Nuclear Will Become Primary Source of Energy"

Here is a great summary of the energy market from the Emerging Trends Report (an Oakland-based thinktank), comparing nuclear power to "clean" coal.


Nuclear energy is perceived to be expensive, inefficient, hazardous and fraught with danger ... and within two generations will become America’s primary source of energy.

The next evolutionary step that will be taken in the decades ahead will be the development of dual-use nuclear power: base load electrical generation coupled with the electrolysis of water to produce either hydrogen, a carbon-neutral fuel posited as the clean replacement for fossil fuels, or potable water. There will be a dire need for both in the years ahead.

This leads the ETR to the conclusion the focus should not be on costs but on policy - we have to find a better energy policy, one we can live with for generations to come. And in this regard, nuclear energy holds far more promise than either coal or natural gas.


At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Rahul Shende said...

I believe that nuclear energy will be the future source of energy as it does not emit gases like CO2,SO2.It does not contribute to global warming and most importantly it is a clean source of energy.To more about nuclear-


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